Shuttering Ply, Film Face & Waterproof Ply

  Film Face Shuttering Plywood Shuttering Plywood, film face & waterproof plywood is one thing in the  construction world. Most unfamiliar common people understand these names differently . Shuttering plywood may be a term quite commonly utilized in the  construction  industry. The shuttering process — pouring the concrete into moulds — cannot happen without using shuttering plywood.  This is a kind of plywood that is designed in a way to prevent concrete coming out of the mould . This material isn't used for aesthetic purposes, but to carry concrete till it densities to make a solid structure. It's weather-resistant and doesn’t stick with the concrete itself. It is like all other plywood or wooden panel, created using thin veneers layered on top of every other and glued together. Veneers are laid in such how that their grains run perpendicular to every other. If constructed properly, they need high strength. This type of construction ensures that they're high in streng

What is HESA Shuttering Plywood?

HESA Shuttering Plywood HESA is the name of High quality shuttering plywood. HESA made by 100% Phenolic Glued Formula. It's 100% Boiling water tested, which gives you more repetition in comparison to other shuttering plywood. We believe in our customer satisfaction. HESA customers always feel happy by its quality and services. HESA is our pride, every builder trusts HESA. Business  Conduct At HESA, We aim to make our products competitive with a good pricing strategy along with the highest quality with results keeping in mind more repetitions of ply with a smooth surface. We will be fueled by multiple marketing partners who will work with us and help us to gain market share by increasing our presence in different regions. Product Portfolio Pellets Shuttering Plywood Truck and Containers Flooring Marine-grade calibrated all red plywood Building Perception Building on the needs of our customers and changing dynamics of the industry, we will try to achieve the highest quality and highe

Why you should choose HESA Shuttering Plywood over other brands?

We Are Passionate WE ARE HESA We are a professionally managed organization with the aim to make a super quality product which can be reusable multi times better than existing companies' product. We believe that customer priority is high and always right. We are doing research & making development to discover more varieties of waterproof shuttering plywood, We will soon launch calibrated film face plywood, Low-density shuttering with remarkable quality and strength. Guaranteed Repetitions Guaranteed Repetitions of ply are given to consumers with min 10 to max 20-25, in this  handling plays a major role. Mirror Finishing Because of the higher strength coating indigenously developed formula and fine veneer core, the finishing face gives you mirror finishing. High GSM Phenolic Film Hesa red shuttering plywood is coated with red color 240 GSM film. Hesa gold shuttering ply is premium with 360 GSM coated film, which makes it resistant to scratches and as a result gives you more finis